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Fixing What's Not Broken
Rural municipalities frustrated with septic changes
Rural municipalities across Ontario are upset with proposed changes to the Ontario Building Code and specifically new requirements on septic tanks. The changes propose that property owners would need to empty their septic tank every five years, or when one-third full - whichever comes first. From media reports around the province, many municipalities feel that the Ontario government is trying to manage something that is not a problem - there appear to be no rise in complaints that property owners are not pumping out their tanks.
LINK:  Ontario Building Code
LINK:  Ministry of Municipal Affairs
LINK:  Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association

From Nuclear Wonder To Nuclear Wasteland
CNL says nuclear waste facility "urgent" with closure of NRU

The decision to shut down a perfectly functioning nuclear reactor has resulted in an “urgent” need for a nuclear waste disposal site. The creation of this facility is no secret - it has been in the works since the decision to decomission of the reactor. The public comment period is now open for CNL’s Near Surface Disposal Facility Project. The public has until May 17, 2017 to submit comments.
LINK:  Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Public Notice
LINK:  Environmental Impact Statement (990 pages)
LINK:  Documents for Public Participation
LINK:  Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Book Club: Customer Experience 3.0
By: John A. Goodman

With smart phones, social media, mobile connectivity, big data, and speech analytics, businesses have more opportunities to enhance the customer experience than ever before. Not only that but customers expect more. Unfortunately, many companies fail to take advantage of and properly manage the tools that now exist, delivering a series of frustrating, disjointed transactions that drive people away.


The Question to Ask

Which always yields the best answer

“What if you’re wrong?” In my life prior to Forward Thinking, I worked as a researcher for a civil litigation law firm. I worked for someone who had built a strong reputation and was very successful, but despite that, he never gave his clients more than a 50-50 chance of winning, no matter how much the law seemed to be on their side. With a clientele comprised of mostly high-achieving businesspeople, you can imagine how well a “50-50 chance” went over in discussions.


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