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Veteran's Business Takes Centre Stage
Invictus Games brings opportunity to Pembroke store
A Pembroke business is getting ready to have her product in the hands of key people involved with the Invictus Games in Toronto. Tracey Dean of The Urban Gourmet Co. will have her product in 35 gift baskets that will be presented to Invictus Games guest speakers.
LINK:  Urban Gourmet Co.
LINK:  Invictus Games
LINK:  Invictus Games on Facebook

Firing Gets Municipality In Uproar
BIA, Railway Station supporters voice displeasure

The decision of the Township of Madawaska Valley to fire Paul Nopper, their Recreation and Community Development Coordinator, is garnering a lot of comment. Nopper was apparently dismissed “without cause” on July 28th but council confirmed in correspondence that was shared by a resident on Facebook, that there are no plans to eliminate the position he held.
LINK:  Barry's Bay BIA Letter (PDF)
LINK:  Save South of 60 and The Railway Station
LINK:  Township of Madawaska Valley on Facebook
LINK:  July 4, 2017 Council Meeting (2:18) (Audio File)

Rural Ontario Leader Awards
Nominations open to celebrate achievements

The government of Ontario is giving awards to rural Ontario leaders and they are seeking nominations. The Rural Ontario Leaders Awards will help celebrate the achievements of those who are dedicated to helping improve the quality of life and economic development of rural Ontario.
LINK:  OMAFRA Awards Information
LINK:  Rural Ontario Leaders Program Guide
LINK:  Rural Ontario Leaders Awards Application (PDF)

Report On Bill 148 Shows Impacts
Chamber, CANCEA say 185,000 job losses

The Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis (CANCEA) released a report yesterday on the impacts of the government of Ontario’s plan to implement Bill 148, the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017. It is the only analysis that has been done of legislation that represents the largest employment law change in 45 years. The provincial government did not do an analysis. This one was made possible by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.
LINK:  Canadian Centre For Economic Analysis
LINK:  Full CANCEA Report (PDF)
LINK:  Ontario Chamber of Commerce

RED Program Intake 2 Accepting Applications
The Rural Economic Development (RED) program helps rural communities remove barriers to community economic development, through support for planning and implementation projects that benefit rural Ontario. The program is now open and will accept applications until September 29, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. (Eastern).
LINK:  Program Information
LINK:  RED Guidelines
LINK:  RED Program Application (PDF)

Book Club: Through The Fires
By: Robert Owen Carr

 This is a triumphant story of comeback in life and business. Robert Owen Carr experienced decades of struggle that took him to the brink of home foreclosure at age fifty. He would later make a fortune in the card payments industry, only to lose almost everything in 2009, after one of the most devastating data breaches ever. Daring to go public about the cyber attack, Carr saved his company from ruin and fought his way back to prosperity.


Hey "Old Dogs" This One's For You!

Take advantage of what you got here

Calling all “old dogs.” You know that saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” People use it when they want to excuse the behaviour of someone who won’t do what they want. Kids use it on parents. Fresh-out-of-schoolers use it on the establishment. Well, old dogs have something going for them: they’ve been around the block a while. There’s some value in that.


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