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The Plan For Sustainable Infrastructure
What is being proposed and how it impacts you
It’s no secret that municipalities in Ontario are struggling to fix infrastructure. It’s also no secret that federal and provincial grants are not always distributed in a way that connects to the greatest need. Locally, some municipalities have been passed over for funding because they are good financial stewards, rewarding municipalities who accumulate debt with healthy grants.
LINK:  Local Share Full Plan (41 Pages)
LINK:  Local Share Snapshot
LINK:  Association of Municipalities of Ontario (Additional Reports)
LINK:  AMO On Twitter

Fair Hydro Plan Not Fair: MPP
Generations to pay significantly more

By now I am sure you have all either heard an advertisement or received some kind of communication telling you about the Liberal’s so-called Fair Hydro Plan. The Liberals have spent millions of dollars telling you about a plan that they say will save you an additional 17 per cent on your hydro bill.
LINK:  John Yakabuski, MPP
LINK:  Ontario Fair Hydro Plan

Book Club: Four Seasons The Story of a Business Philosophy
By: Isadore Sharp

How did a child of immigrants, starting with no background in the hotel business, create the world’s most admired and successful hotel chain? And how has Four Seasons grown dramatically, over nearly a half century, without losing its focus on exceptional quality and unparalleled service?


True Stories From The Front Lines

Could this be happening at your business?

The front line of your business - the people who answer the phone, greet the customer or manage your social media account - is often where a person decides if they want to be a customer of your business. If a potential customer is drawn to you, but then has a bad experience with their first point of contact, it could mean a lost customer. And, you might never know about it. Here are some of my own true story experiences in the past month that might encourage you to do a double check with your front line staff.


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