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RFP - Connecting Link Asset Inventory

Unfortunately Ottawa Valley Business was not successful in obtaining results for this 2016 tender. As tender results are public knowledge, if you are interested in these results, you are able to do a Municipal Freedom of Information request, through the municipality, and request the results. There is a $5 fee to file the request, but you can ask to be reimbursed as the results are public information. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we did try several times to obtain the results.

RFP-07-2016 - Connecting Link Asset Inventory
Town of Bancroft
Closing: Monday, September 12, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. local time

The Town of Bancroft requires that a Highway Connecting Link Asset Inventory be completed for all Highway Connecting Link sections within the limits of The Town of Bancroft.

Proposals are to be submitted in a sealed envelope, clearly marked with RFP 07-2016 “Connecting Link Asset Inventory” and received at the address below no later than 4.00pm on Monday September 12, 2016.

Work to be completed within the Asset Inventory be completed and submitted to the Town of Bancroft at a date no later than Thursday September 29, 2016. Two quotes will be required: PART 1 Quote PART 2 Quote.

Faxed, electronic or submissions received after the above date and time will not be considered.

Click here for proposal document.

Should a proponent find discrepancies in, or omissions in the bid form, or require interpretation of the information contained within, enquires should be directed to the undersigned.

Perry Kelly
Manager of Public Works
Corporation of the Town of Bancroft
Cell: 613-332-7060